Beginning in fall 2021, I will be working toward a PhD in Computer Science at West Virginia University. I'm incredibly for this opportunity, and look forward to getting research underway. My intent is to focus on secure systems and development tools.

Prior to this, I received a Masters of Science in Computer Science, from The George Washington University in 2017. My focus was in the area of secure operating systems. I did a lot of work on Composite, a research operating system shepherded by my advisor Gabriel Parmer.

I did my undergraduate work at The Evergreen State College. I graduated in 2001 with a Bachelors of Science. Evergreen differs from most undergraduate schools in a large number of ways. Perhaps the most "major" distinction is that the school lacks declared majors, instead providing specific requirements to attain a Bachelors of either Arts or Science. The vast majority of my work was in Computer Science, with Japanese coming in a relatively distant second.

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