Talks and Presentations

From time to time, I've presented talks about computing topics. I did one just today about Unexpected Behaviors in C. I've decided to start posting the visual aids for posterity. Currently, today's talk is the only one available, but I'm going to try to dig through my files to see if I can resurrect previous talks and post them as well.

Note that these will purely be the visual aids. If I'm ever fortunate enough to have a talk recorded or transcribed, I will try to publish those things as well. I'm sorry that the visual aids only present part of the information.

Some people have this idea that the presentation should brief itself, but that's pure bullshit. If the information can present itself, why would I bother standing up in front of you to present it? That's what writing is for, be it a blog post, a syndicated article, a white paper, or even a book, these are the vehicles for self-presenting data. Visual aids are precisely that, and no more. If you don't understand this intuitively, I highly recommend reading The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint by Edward Tufte.

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